How High Blood Pressure Causes Stroke – Exercise!

If your family has a history of high blood pressure it is advisable to find out how high blood pressure causes stroke. By educating yourself about strokes it is easier to avoid them, or know what to do if someone has a stroke.

An uncontrolled high blood pressure can cause the arteries within the body to weaken, causing the blood flow within the body to slow down or stop completely. This causes the blood flow to the brain to lessen or stop, causing a stroke.Exercise is healthy for you and the enviroment

There are three different types of strokes and the first one involves the heart and blood clots throughout the body. Blood clots can form in any part of the body and travel anywhere within the body. Many times a blood clot can reach the heart causing it to slow down or stop, causing a possible stroke.

Another type of stroke is a hemorrhaging stroke in which blood vessels burst somewhere in the body causing blood to enter into the brain. The extra blood slows the brain function down causing a stroke.

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When a stroke occurs there are certain sings to watch out for.

Feeling a numbness or weakness on one side of your body. This is a different feeling than an arm or leg falling asleep. The numbness and weakness will continue, whereas the sleeping feeling will bring about a tingling sensation.

Usually you are unable to move one side of your body and you may start to feel dizzy and develop poor balance. Often your head will hurt and you will not be able to see well.

You feel as though you want to say something, but your brain is unable to move the message from your brain to your vocal chords. One side of your mouth will droop down making it hard to swallow.

The third type of stroke is referred to as a little or mini strokes. These often go unnoticed because they are so indistinguishable. These types of strokes usually last from five to fifteen minutes and it is not until over time that personal and physical changes are noticed.

Often the little strokes are not considered to be dangerous, but unless the little strokes are addressed they might and could lead to the bigger strokes. You might want to consider buying a blood pressure monitor, I own this one and you can see review here.