How Does A Clothes Steamer Work?

How Does A Clothes Steamer Work? – Environmental Friendly Option

The best alternative to the traditional iron and ironing board is the clothes steamer. Back around 2002, an inventor came up with an idea of relieving clothes, garments, and other fabrics from the harsh heat of an iron. After many tests and trials is born the clothes steamer also known as a garment steamer even sometimes referred to as just a steamer. Nice addition to our society, but let’s discover how it works.

A clothes steamer works by using a high temperature steam to relax the fabric particles in the article of clothing, drapes, or other piece with wrinkles. In contrast, the ironing method uses heat and force to mash or press the wrinkles out of the fabric, therefore being a slightly harsher option on the fabric. Since there is no need to physically contact the fabric, the steamer can be used in broader circumstances including being used on delicate fabric like sheer curtains and dainty blouses.cloth steamer

The most common clothes steamers are very simple to use and they don’t require much work in assembly nor do they require extra chemicals. The assembly of the clothes steamer is quite simple. There are only 3 to 4 major parts with most steamers: the temperature dial (to be adjusted for different fabric textures), the steam nozzle and the water tank. The fourth part in some cases are special hangers and pegs for hanging the garment that will be steamed. Other steamers come with accessories like an actual portable garment hanger, caster wheels and crease clips. Nothing else is needed except water.

The process of steaming the garment is super easy. Fill the water reserve with water. Always be sure to read the manufacturer’s suggested operating criteria. Follow the directions on where to fill the tank and how high to fill the tank. Most will have a fill line that is clearly visible. Next, turn the unit on. Once again, most steamers are quite similar after power-on. Wait about 2-3 minutes and either a light or just the presence of steam will indicate that the unit is ready for use. Sweep across the fabric with the steam nozzle until satisfied with the results. Continue with the sweeping process until all wrinkles are gone.

That is the basic operation of the clothes steamer. It is definitely a handy tool to add to the home. If fact, many homes have totally replaced the iron with the clothes steamer already.

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