Environmentally Friendly Veihicles


The electric car, bicycle and scooter Era is not here to take part, but to take over! I´m getting so excited every time i think about this. We live in the future right now, we’re starting to make our every day living so much easier and healthier for our planet. Take for example the work that Tesla Currently is doing, It’s completely insane! Auto-pilot driving is currently an option for the Tesla cars, soon we´ll not drive our own cars at all!
Let’s take a look at some of the different types of Environmentally Friendly Veihicles avaible on the market today.

Electric Cars

Well, as I´ve already has mentioned, New Tesla X is the brand everyone talks about. And righteously so, they are doing an awesome work and are environmentally friendly. Check out this video of the Auto Pilot i talked about.

Tesla Model xtesla model x

I just wanted to mention this new car. Just look at it! Look the at the front, look at the windshield, look at the DOORS, woooow…. speechless!


Electric Bikes


As we all know, riding the bike is great for the environment and your health! But we all sometime decide to take the car instead because of the convenience. However, Electric Pedal Bike is an awesome choice! It’s easy, comfortable and convenient! If you’re thinking about buying an electric bicycle, then you should definitely check out this Swedish company called EcoRide. Will write an in-depth article about their bikes later on.

That´s if for this time fellas! I´ll soon be back with more.